Sunday, January 23, 2011

Artist's Date I

As part of the Artist's Way class I'm taking taught by my friend Mary, we are required to have an artist's date weekly where we do or go somewhere to fill our well. Since I love to be with my BFF Caryn who is taking the class also, we have been doing our outings together. We went to nearby Santa Clara to visit a neat historic mural in their city hall, then shopping at a fun store and lastly to a labyrinth in Kayenta. What fun! It will take me three days to show all we did.

This elaborate mural tells the history of the settlement of this area by Europeans, Mormon converts mostly from Switzerland who were sent to Southern Utah territory to build homes.

They planted apples and peaches, raised large gardens to sell their produce to No. Utahans.

Painted by Utah artist Julie Rogers, her mural represents the pioneers leaving their homeland of Switzerland, traveling across the sea then across America by handcarts or wagon to finally settle by the barren Santa Clara River valley. Their family names are listed on the borders of the mural as well as the values they demonstrated in their lives: love, courage, charity, faith, hope, posterity, prayer, work and joy through music, dance and worship. The young girl's apron above symbolizes the fruits of these generations-values and posterity.


  1. It's great that you have Caryn to pal around with this winter. Exploring like this really adds to ones back of knowledge and ideas.

  2. How wonderful to have a friend like Caryn to do these outings with. Tell Caryn we're still waiting for another post from her.

  3. Lin, I can't find an email address for you. My source of free music is a personal friend and computer tech specialist who has given me access to his personal computer shared files. It is not for public distrbution. Sorry.

    You can use the ITunes Store site to rip CD's you already own and then sync them to your iPod, and borrow cds from others. And I know there are free music sites, but I haven't gone there yet.

  4. That was such a GREAT day! I can't wait for next weeks activity.
    The mural was so impressive to see as large and colorful and full of metaphors as it is.

  5. An awesome, beautiful mural. Must be great to enjoy it with a good friend.

  6. I love that you and Caryn get to spend time together and visit this interesting place..I didn't know about the origins in Switzerland...