Friday, January 28, 2011

Article #135 Dating and Courtship

An important part of any history is finding the humor and excitement in daily life. Dating and courtship experiences certainly added both of these qualities. Only looking back can you see the amusing aspect of those long ago teenage days when you were so seriously seeking the one and only perfect companion. Some of you may still be single or newly single through divorce or death, but you’ll have to agree that those dating days were certainly hysterical when viewed from the prospective of a few decades later, even though they seemed downright traumatic at the time. (Photo of my mom and dad when they were dating.)

I realized from writing my own history that I focused too much of my youthful energy on finding my Prince Charming when I should have enjoyed more the dating experiences with the fellows I met along the way. A poem I wrote explains: Finding Your One and Only-The fairy tales make it sound so easy/ Just kiss the frog––he becomes a charming prince/ Off you ride into the beautiful sunset together/ and live happily ever after…sounds like a cinch.// Life, you’ll find has other plans for you/ Even after you’ve married your prince/ sometimes––he mutates back into a frog/ and his misbehavior makes you wince// What’s a princess to do, but leave him?/ Set out on a new journey to find another/ Perhaps a horny toad or lizard would do/ But then you may think why even bother?// The second time around is more difficult/ Now, you may carry extra baggage/ A dependent child or two, if you’re lucky/ Plus emotional garbage to add to the marriage// Your new partner may bring his own luggage/ Whether he’s divorced, widowed or just single/ So consider it good luck when you’ve found/ Another one and only to kiss and then…gamble//

For those who are still single or never married, you may look longingly at your married friends’ lives but until you’ve walked in their shoes, you have no idea what challenges they face. Analyze your own married state whether widowed, divorced or never married. How have you coped with your circumstances? How have your hopes, dreams and expectations changed during your lifetime?

If choosing between crying and laughing at your life story, they both have their place. Usually you cry at the time, but you later may find yourself laughing at the circumstances or your naivety. Always there is a lesson to be learned and shared. (Photo above my aunt Esther and uncle Les.)


  1. I am lucky to have a man it's easy to communicate with. He also seems to know my thoughts before I say anything. It's a bit unnerving at times. We've been able to deal with any differences (and there are some) pretty quickly.

  2. I enjoyed reading this, Lin. I have a young FB friend - mother of four adolescent children - who is about to marry for the 4th time. Each time she has told me after 4 weeks, she has met her "soul mate" and "love of her life." Gosh, I certainly hope so this time.

  3. It took me awhile to find my "Prince Charming" but I did and am hanging on tight!

  4. Dreamy and wonderful photos! Beautiful post, too. I so appreciate your wisdom.

  5. I think that it's hard to find someone with expectations that are really so high...I think all relationships take work..I like the photos...