Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Working on Poetry

Many deadlines are coming up for poetry contests.
Always a challenging creative time.
(Photo of a bunny on our back lawn nibbling his dinner. )


Unseen and uninvited,
they continue to visit.
Shouting their unwanted messages:
You can’t do that! You're not a poet.

I try to stop them,
but I don’t know who they are.
Invisible enemies, not my friends
though sometimes their voices are familiar.

Pressuring me to think this or that,
become someone different
than I know I can be.

Quieting those voices
brings inner peace as the
voice of the Spirit quietly whispers
love and acceptance by my Father.


  1. Peace is nice...gotta quiet those pesky voices!! :)

  2. Wonderful poem Lin! I sometimes have those "voices" trying to put me down or behind, but must always toss them aside.

  3. Your muse is stronger than those voices. Thank goodness!

  4. I tried my hand at a haiku and then I saw that it shouldn't rhyme. I am feeling more and more like writing poems with my photos...but I also get too nervous to post one.. Haikus seem an more comfortable place for me to start....Love your poetry Lin...

  5. Very nice, Lin. I hear the same voices and it's hard to ignore them.