Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I'm thinking about shadows. What they can tell us.
A reflection does not always match something real.
It can be distorted by the angle of the sun
or foreign objects that cause their own shadows.

Relationships are like that also, difficult to see
clearly at times. From a distance we can observe
and study them for answers. Can we trust others,
do they have our good in mind? It's unknown.

Images are not always clear, blurry over time until
we can define their reality. Life is full of shadows,
things we don't see clearly til years later
when the light reflects what really happened.


  1. Shadows...but so very important. I always loved the fact that Peter Pan wanted to rescue his shadow, have it sewn on securely. I think that's when I fell in love with shadows, of all kinds...and how I learned from them!

  2. I appreciate what you say about relationships and shadows. A wonderful, very helpful, post.

  3. Never thought about the shadows like the way you have described - awesome observation!Beautiful pictures.

  4. The shadow makes it look like you've got a witch's costume on. That first cactus really creates interesting shadows.

  5. Love the shadows....I usually assume that people have the best intentions but don't always know how to achieve their goals..no much hurting comes from lack of knowledge...I think that anyway...