Monday, November 1, 2010

It's COMING soon...

For all you turkeys out there
it's time to get serious about
that diet and think THIN.
Thanksgiving's fast approaching.

Soon the cooks will be looking
for the fattest bird around.
Don't plan to be HIM or HER,
just stay skinny and downright slim.

Too pathetic to stuff with dressing,
laced into your innards, baking away.
Plan to be free, flying about or
hiding behind a bush somewhere safe.

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  1. I miss those turkey dinners with the family, but I love my vegan diet even more...BBQ Tofu for me...LOL!

  2. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and my favorite meal. Bring it[them] on!!

  3. this turkey will eat well cook well.. and this turkey is not afraid of that meal :)

  4. I love Thanksgiving day...get together with various family members and catch up. It seems as if time is flying by!

  5. Good reminder! I've regained six pounds since school started. I've got to get back "on the wagon."

  6. Yes, turkeys, head for the hills. Your clock is ticking!

  7. I can't cook a turkey anymore since I have gotten to know them better... Last year it was hubby and me and I made a lasagna..LOL...

  8. I just love looking at a perfectly done Turkey 9i am a vegetarian) and i love pumpkin pie !

  9. Well... I'm afraid I'm one of those who will be looking for the fattest turkey to brine and roast. :-)