Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Temple Square

Last week we stayed in a hotel next to Temple Square in Salt Lake City. This is the Mormon temple Allen and I were married in and my favorite one. Built in 1893 it took 40 years to construct with its huge granite blocks carved from a nearby mountainside then hauled to the site by oxen and rail. Quite a history. We were married on the temple's 100th anniversary in 1993.

The grounds around the temple are magnificent especially in Springtime with flowers of every kind and color. I love to walk around the area-it's so peaceful and quiet.

LDS Church office building in the background.

View from the top of the nearby Joseph Smith building where we dined.

My favorite statue, couldn't be because I'm a mother of four sons-could it? I know the sculptor Dennis Smith who attended BYU when I did.


  1. I really love that statue too. Mr. Smith is very talented. I can see why you like that temple so much. The flowers are just magnificent.

  2. That is an amazing building and the grounds are so pretty..I bet it would be a peaceful place to be...

  3. Beautiful pictures. Amazing building and gardens!

  4. Tom and I stopped in Salt Lake City on one of our trips to Colorado. It was a Sunday morning in the spring. The choir was singing in the round building, the tabernacle I think, as we strolled the grounds around the temple. As you have shown, the flower beds and grounds around the temple were incredibly beautiful. I drank in so much with my eyes that I have a vivid memory of that beauty.