Monday, February 1, 2010

Ta Dahs!

Time to LOOK BACK and celebrate those things that went well in January 2010

1. I taught a Write your Life Story class for my church's family history center.
2. Started a comm. ed. class for DSC-Become a Healthier Slimmer YOU with 6 students.
3. Attended water aerobics or walked daily, and lost two pounds.
4. Joined the Utah Poetry Society-submitted 16 poems to their annual contest.
5. Completed the rough draft of my children's poetry book Nature Notes for Kids.
6. Joined a Children Writer's critique group to get help on my book #5 above. Learning how to rhyme my words.
7. Helped organize a neighborhood Family Home Evening group.
8. Encouraged my hubby to signup for archery coach training in Colorado Springs in March.
9. Blogged daily and attended some computer training classes to upgrade my skills.
10. Attended the local Camera Club-getting better acquainted with my new digital camera. Also meeting my new sweet grand daughter Lorien, taking photos and making a film clip of her.

Those are just the HIGHLIGHTS of the past month. On to a new month-more experiences and challenges. Tell us what your TaDahs are for last month.


  1. Lots of sewing ta dahs for me last month, most of which are documented on my blog.

  2. Well executed month! Congrats.

  3. January was a difficult month around here. Hopefully February will be better. You are a busy lady and I admire your list of ta dahs. Perhaps I'll have some by the end of February.

  4. Wow, you have some great ta-dahs! Hmmm...well, um, lets see...oh I did some de-cluttering and oh, um, hmm...does having my annual physical count? Just enjoyed the beginning of a new year, how's that?

  5. Wow--you did all that in one month! You put me to shame!
    Hmm-- I applied for jobs and got one. I wrote on my WIP, I edited a friend's book for her, I blogged regularily, and got my husband set up in college etc.

  6. Take a bow, Lin. You accomplished a lot in a difficult month.

  7. You had quite a month, Lin. You are an inspiration.

  8. I just love how you can stay focused and on track.....

  9. You accomplished a lot..I was able to keep the wildlife fed and watered and didn't get a cold till the end of the month which is good for me...