Thursday, February 4, 2010


So I'm out for a little walk, on my way back from the mailbox.
The wind is blowing and it's a little chilly, so I speedup my steps.
Suddenly...SPLAT, I'm face down on the very hard cement sidewalk,
having made a 5 point landing on 2 knees, 2 hands and my chin.

Pain comes quickly as I wait expectantly for what I don't know.
Maybe some kind person to come help me up from my fall?
No one appears, I'm relieved that no one saw this happen.
Wiping my nose to see if it's bleeding, relief comes quickly.
Good, maybe no broken nose or black eyes will result.

Then I check out my wrists-they hurt badly, years ago
I fell while walking near dusk and broke my right thumb.
I can still move my thumbs but they hurt and my knees?
They are skinned under my jeans but luckily not bleeding.

Nothing to do out here alone on the sidewalk face down
but try to get up without the help of my hands that hurt and
my knees that barely bend. I do make it back up to vertical.
Never to be taken for granted again, walking can be dangerous.
(Especially when the sidewalk is uneven from tree roots growing.)


  1. that sounds terrible but you are SO lucky nothing is broken. but ease yourself into normal routine. whiplash could have occurred.

  2. I am terrified of falling. I had a neighbor who walked while reading a magazine or newspaper. I once knew a young man who read while jogging. Not me, I am super cautious. Probably because my mother was always breaking a bone somewhere in her body. I never try to walk in the dark wearing my trifocals. I learned that one the hard way. Hope you're feeling better. Not a fun experience.

  3. Oh my! OUCH! When I saw the title of your posting today, I thought maybe you were talking about some bugs who came to visit, not realizing you were the one going splat.

    Wishing you speedy restoration to every cell of your body. Shock and trauma of the fall must leave and only restoring healing remain.

  4. Thank God that you are safe ...i pray to god for your fast recovery,i wish that all the pain goes away.Please take ample rest,if we would have lived nearer i would have rushed to you at this time.

  5. I can't help it... I laughed when I read this. It wasn't the incident itself I was laughing at mind you... it was the humor you displayed in writing about the experience. Well done, Lin.

    I also hurt that I wasn't there to give you a life. Seems like the neighborhood ought to think about removing some of those tree roots before they have some litigation issues to deal with.

    Take care when you're out for your walks. I'm counting on you to take care of by beloved Lin for me.

  6. For me[who broke her leg last Feb 17] your title,Splat, scared me. Then as I read it, I was even more scared[ for you]. You are so fortunate that nothing terribly bad happened. Whew! God bless you and keep you safe!

  7. Oh dear! What an unfortunate accident. Do hope you are feeling much better and nothing is too black and blue. I remember slipping and falling flat on my back on the ice and I think I got up quicker than when I went down, so embarassed that someone might have witnessed my far from graceful fall!

  8. Ouch! I hope you weren't seriously hurt. And I do understand the bit about looking around to see if anyone saw you. Why we humans always worry about being seen in our less-than-glamorous moments, I don't know.

  9. It can be, and the distraction of the weather is no help.

  10. OUCH!! So sorry! I hate falling like that. You feel so out of control! Yuck! Hope you are okay.

  11. Oh my gosh..You sure you are OK? That is so darn scary and sometimes it takes a while for the bruises and pain to get going...please take care.. hugs..Michelle

  12. Yowser! A fall is not fun. I hope there was no lingering damage beyond stinging nerve endings.

    I fell like that on an uneven sidewalk about five years ago and I thought at first my wrists were broken, but no real harm done. Sure does shake a person up though.

  13. Oh Wow! That is really SCARY, Lin. I wasn't too afraid of falling before but now I've broken my foot and a couple weeks ago hurt my baby finger. Nowadays, a fall can be very serious. I hope you're 100% OK.