Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Safe Travels

Every time we head north to visit family,
it's a dangerous proposition,
traveling on a busy inter-state freeway
filled with trucks and cars hurrying.

During winter we also have blizzards,
icy roads, reduced visibility
car and truck drivers
who don't slow down for anything.

I'm always so thankful to return
safely to our retirement home again.
My hubby who is a most careful driver
thought of this for a car bumper sticker:

"Don't drive slowly, God needs more angels."


  1. It's always good to be back home again. What a beautiful frozen landscape!

  2. Happy Tuesday! All travels are wonderful when the end up back at home!

  3. Hubby's idea for a bumper sticker is priceless!

  4. Love your hubby's idea for a bumper-sticker! What lovely winter scenes!

  5. I love the psychology of your husband's bumper sticker. Your photos are delightful.

  6. My daughter was supposed to drive up here for a late birthday dinner.. but the weather is going to be really nasty..so another time...

  7. And here I've got a Prius with faulty anti-lock breaks. Thank goodness we don't have black ice over here.