Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Funny Ostrich

Ever wonder why an ostrich
hides its head in the sand?
This bird's so big, it's like
trying to hide a marching band.

But it’s not true, ostrichs
don't try to hide like that,
instead it lays right down-
looks like a dirt pile-very flat.

A strange looking bird with
fancy long feathers used
to decorate hats and costumes.
Do you think it feels abused?

Can't fly but runs very fast
with long powerful legs
used to kick or to fight others.
Females lay the world’s largest eggs.

People like to eat ostrich meat
for it’s full of protein for man;
but not for ostriches who’d
rather not be in a frying pan.


  1. The last line made me laugh out loud...cute one!!

  2. You got all the characteristics into your poem..great job Lin...

  3. I too had to laugh at the last line!

  4. I see that you are continuing to have fun with rhyme.

  5. They are beautiful birds. Your poem was fun.

  6. Like wearing brown shoes at a tuxedo convention, ostriches have those beautiful feathers on that long and gangly body! Where is the justice in that? haha.