Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Being an Observer

Every once in awhile, I find myself
being an observer, watching my life
as if I were on STAGE and others were
actors in some SCRIPT that isn't familiar.

I don't feel the emotions but watch
almost detached and feel my mind
having a DIALOGUE all of its own.
I wonder why she did that or didn't.

Then I check myself to see how
a certain action AFFECTED me and
am surprised that it didn't because
I am just a DETACHED observer.

In a way, there is SAFETY in that
but there is also a certain amount
of DEADNESS, not being in the
moment but waiting for something

else to happen. For the positive
feelings to overwhelm me and
LIFT me to a higher plane of life.
I wonder, how long will I WAIT?


  1. Interesting perspective, Lin. I don't think I see myself as an observer, but perhaps it would do me good if I did.

  2. Lin;

    I, sometimes do live entirely in the moment. Would like to do that more, but also am pulling back some and being an observer . I like both roles, I think with more life experience , you can step back and just enjoy watching events unfold!
    Works for me so far!

  3. Very interesting observation Lin. I think I "observe" quite a bit but that makes me a better person I think, for stepping away and looking in!

  4. Sometimes I find that to pull away and take myself out of the moment helps me to be objective about what I'm doing.