Sunday, May 24, 2009


Silence and peace prevail
Where once they fought
On far off battlefields
Giving their last breath
To preserve our freedoms

Now a simple headstone
Testifies to their bravery
WWII, Vietnam war and others
Called to them to service

Challenges and horrors
Too difficult to recall
Plagued the survivor’s
Thoughts and dreams

Many never returned
 Gone to a higher place
Of rest as we remember
Their sacrifices for us


  1. Very cool...we just returned from Gettysburg...Happy Memorial Day!

  2. Very thoughtful, Lin.
    My brother among them.

  3. This stopped me in my tracks. I offer here my respectful silence and gratitude.

  4. Well done, my friend.

    I started posting my catch up comments on Article #57?? I think it was.

    This is truly lovely! Sandy said it all as she offered her silence and her gratitude.

  5. This was beautiful! I loved the pictures with it:)) SOunds like you had a meaningful weekend.

  6. I just finished reading Sarah's Key for our bookclub...altho not about memorial day, it was about the halocaust...and that was not fun to remember