Saturday, May 9, 2009

Birth Mother's Day

Just read in the paper where the Saturday before Mother's Day is celebrated as Birth Mother's Day. I read with interest about it and the turmoil that so many young women have gone through when they are unable to keep their babies after finding out they are pregnant and unmarried. There are many reasons that a mother might have to give up her baby, I appreciate the unselfish desire many have for their infants to have a better family situation. I'm thankful to the birth mothers of my four adopted grandchildren who first of all choose to give birth and not abort their babies then placed them for adoption.

My son Daniel and his wife Tina weren't able to have children so the opportunity to adopt first twin girls and then two more boy babies has been a real blessing for all of us. It's made our family complete and enabled me to become a GRANDMOTHER for the first time. Other grandchildren have since joined our family: Hakan son of my oldest son Frank and his wife Nedret, and now an expected little one in December 2009-baby of my youngest son Jeff and his wife Rachel not to mention my husband's 18 grandchildren who are my step grandchildren. This Mother's Day I'll remember those birth mothers and also their loving adoptive parents who couldn't love these children more and have provided a loving home environment to nurture the special spirits that came to our family in a different way.


  1. You are so blessed! I love the picture too!

  2. You are indeed very blessed.

    Have a very happy Mother's Day, Lin.

  3. I have 2 adopted step-daughters and and an adopted niece..I had not heard of birth mother day before...

  4. Amen, Lin. What a source of peace it must be to know kids find their way into loving homes by the grace of God. Beautiful.

    Happy Mother's Day.

  5. Are you familiar with Michael McLean's song, "From God's Hands, To My Hands, To Yours"?... It is one of the most moving stories of a young girl who gives her baby up for adoption.

    I'm so pleased that you took a moment to give thanks and pay homage to those mother's whose arms are empty on Mother's Day. I'm sure many, if not all, of them have hearts that carry bittersweet memories of the day that their babies passed from God's Hands, to her hands, to the hands of the waiting couple who would raise them.

    Happy Mother's Day to you, Lin.

  6. Beautiful photo of a beautiful family, Lin. You are truly blessed. I can't help but be envious!