Thursday, April 30, 2009

More Ta Dahs!

Incredible how fast time flies
whether or not you are having fun.
Guess busy-ness is what happens.
Looking back over another month
full of many new experiences
and lot of Ta Dah moments
before moving ahead to May

I've blogged daily-amazing hobby,
taught several family history classes,
interviewed to teach community ed.
next fall for Dixie State College, 
had several articles published and
submitted many more.

Family came to visit-four grandkids,
step daughters and a surprise party,
newlyweds on spring vacation, later
a secret to tell-a new baby coming.
A visit from Caryn my dear friend.

Then a quick vacation to Idaho
looking for land for a summer cabin,
a homestead for my hubby and me.
It's a full productive creative life
I enjoy and am grateful for each day.


  1. It is wonderful to be busy, to feel useful, to enjoy each day! I know that I do, too!

  2. You had a great month! Can I change lives?lol Come buy land in Florida--I'll sell you some really cheap!:)

  3. Shoot! I can't even BEGIN to remember what I did this month. Let me think..... nope! It's just not there. Ummmmm..... went to visit with you. (I cheated remembering this. It was in your post.)

    Went to Cache Valley twice to show property. Once overnight, so showed three days. (Cache Valley is about a four hour drive from my home... they are either VERY good clients, or I am a VERY silly realtor.)

    Visited with the kids. Always one of my favorite things to do. They came and visited with me. LOVE that!

    Taught a slam bang gospel doctrine class. (I have to swallow humility and tell you it was one of my best! Lots of fun discussion)

    Started a new diet. (This is a minor "tee hee", but, I figure everyone should do an exercise in futility now and then, eh? You never know... this might be the magic effort)

    Met the girl my eldest son is seeing. Yippie... he's seeing someone at last! She is ADORABLE!

    Helped my hubby start to plant a few early crops in the garden.

    That's about it... or at least those are the highlights.

    Nothing as exciting as being published or searching for the perfect second home. But, all good!

    How about everyone else??

  4. I cannot submit my list of April accomplishments because I have only been outside to go to the doctor's office, and at home...physical therapy. Just rolling around in my wheelchair hoping that May is more mobile!!

  5. Your month has been rich, indeed.