Thursday, April 2, 2009

Good News!

Somehow it's always a fun surprise when I find out another article that I've written was accepted and published in a regional magazine entitled Desert Saints which originates in Las Vegas. Entitled A Lifetime of Memories: Preserving your Personal Testimony, this piece I wrote is about the importance of capturing our religious faith on paper and leaving a record of our beliefs in a higher power for our family-especially our grandchildren.  I think it's important to preserve our testimony for our descendants to give them hope in the journey called LIFE. In the article, I describe the process of making a half sized or child sized booklet (see below) laminated for durability for my twin grand daughters for their baptism a couple of years ago. 

Other GOOD NEWS, I interviewed with the Director of Community Education for our local college and will be able to teach a couple of classes this FALL. One will be entitled Creative Blogging and the other is still needing a title Finding the Unique You? will be based on Julia Cameron's book The Artist's Way. I love to teach and making a little extra money is fun. My goal made last Sept 08 at a writer's conference was to earn $1,000 from writing articles. I'm now up to...$725 for 8 articles including one accepted but not published yet in the Ensign magazine-four more articles and I'll have made my goal within a year's time.