Wednesday, July 16, 2008

To my husband Allen

I love your dry humor
It surprises me when I least expect
Lifts me and returns me
From faraway cares
To the present moment
Seen from another viewpoint

Seriousness drains oft times
As stress builds in our lives
Laughing together releases us
To feel complete within as
Joy returns and renews
Both soul and earthly body


  1. Lovely. :)

    Thank God for the hubby. :)

  2. Your husband sounds like a treasure, Lin. I'm so glad you have someone to be happy with.

  3. It's wonderful when spouses really are Best Friends Forever.

  4. Aren't they just the best thing sometimes?!Like the times you look at them, smiling silently and they say, "What?"

    You shake your head, smile some more and all you can say is, "nothing".

  5. Wayne and I do what dellgirl mentioned so oftgen. It's a giggle me, tickle me moment every time.

    Allen dies have such a cute,m dry sense of humor and you appreciate it so well. You laugh at all the right times.

    You're a fun couple to be with!!!

    Nice tribute to him, Lin. Did you share it with him?

  6. I'm thinkin I need to learn to proof read... what do you think?