Thursday, July 31, 2008

Time Travelers

We left Utah MST Daylight saving's time into Arizona which doesn't do daylight saving's time so they are an hour earlier than Utah but the Navajo reservations does do daylight saving's time. That meant we were on the same time as Utah until we got out of the reservation. Interesting. Then this morning after sleeping in a hotel the alarm went off at 5 am thoughtfully left on by the last tenant. So in the dark I'm hitting at the clock radio and finally hit the snooze button, 10 minutes later it goes off again so now I get up and unplug the beast. I now have a new routinue in hotel rooms-make sure the alarm is off. We are on vacation...


  1. Reminds me of a poem I wrote a century or two ago... the specific lines I refer to are as follows:

    "My old alarm clock,
    With no Duty to shirk,
    Was shrieking. 'Get Up!
    Get Out! Go to work'

    Like a Thief caught red handed
    I gave it a blow
    And told it to hasten
    Where all clocks should go."

    I can stand the dang thing going off once... but, the snooze button irritates me to no end. Wayne kinda likes to wake himself up. He sees no reason for an alarm clock at all. We could have come close to missing a plane or two that way.

    Is there a logical reason why the reservation has daylight savings when the rest of the state doesn't? That just seems wierd.

    Anyway... who really cares about any of that? YOU just have a WHOPPIN GOOD time on holiday!

  2. Time is a crazy thing, walking two steps can gain or lose you an hour. Of course if you happen to cross the International Date Line you can skip or redo days (something I plan to try before too long).

    I also hate unexpected screeching clocks in the wee hours. Guests should be careful about turning off alarms they set. Vacations are for RELAXING. Enjoy your trip south.

  3. I certainly am enjoying this road trip. You caught some great shots with the camera. Have fun, maybe eat a couple (2) (two)of chocolate covered peanuts in memory of me. LOL