Thursday, July 10, 2008

They Arrived!

Talk about being overwhelmed, the tech called and said I could pickup my laptop then the door bell rang and it was Fed Ex delivering my new Mac Mini. Just like getting twins arriving the same day. Well I unwrapped the mini then took off to pick up the laptop. Now I have them both to play with. Starting with the laptop first and trying to reinstall all my missing files most saved but some lost forever. What a drastic way to cleanup your desktop!!


  1. A case of the old "rains - pours" quote??

    But, rainy days make things grow. Sounds like you and your "babies" have some growing to do.

    I'm excited about the opportunity to watch much of the process...

  2. It sounds overwhelming. I just want my stuff to work. I'm lost if I have to figure out how it works.
    Good luck.

  3. Good news..but I sympathize with you having to put it all back together again...We are so dependent on our computers...

  4. What a relief they finally came. didn't take as long as it could have either. You're going to have your hands full getting everything up and running, especially with two of them. It'll be fun though. Happy installing!