Sunday, July 20, 2008

Recipe for JOY

Serendipity is taking life as it comes
Rejoicing in the fun surprises
That happen, ignoring the irritations
Common to daily life. If given lemons,
Make lemonade and share it

Why doesn’t that always work?
Perhaps we take ourselves too seriously?
Remember those stressful situations
That years later we laughed at
So hard that tears came to our eyes?

Attitude is what it’s all about
An optimistic outlook brings hope,
Which with a little bit of purpose
Stirred in, helps us know why
We are here and Who is in charge


  1. Lin,
    A great thought for today. Thanks. And thanks for visiting Writing in Faith. I hope you'll join in One Single Impresson!

  2. It is attitude Lin..finding joy in every day..

  3. They said being positive also allows you to live longer.

  4. Yes, this is a good one and I try it when necessary. There have been times when there was no sugar for the lemonade, had to cut the top off stick a peppermint in it and - ta-dummm . . .

  5. An upbeat attitude, increases latitude. It broadens our view of every situation and increases our options. Negativity is SO limiting!!! At least that's my thought on the matter.

    More good food for thought from Lin's Kitchen... ahh-er-um- computer. Thanks my friend!

    I'll post soon... I've been up on the mountain with my two oldest children.

  6. if you make lemonade out of lemons, what do you make out of 2 houses trying to be one...still purging and still have stuff i CANNOT give up.