Monday, July 28, 2008

Outdated Memories

I've spent the entire day copying what I wanted to save from my 31 ZIP files (100MB each) which are no longer supported on my new computers to a backup program online. Planned obsolesces is what I would call it. Why can I no longer open files made in Appleworks with my current word processing program Word?…BECAUSE. So I have to make the decision to try to copy some files like past journals, and poems. Hopefully one day I can get my old computer fixed so I can read these files and print them out or convert them to .txt files. Also newer computers have DVD backups not ZIP Drives.

Lesson to be learned, ALWAYS print out your poems, journal writings, etc if you really want to save them because a computer file or even a CD with a generic .txt file may not open. It’s been an interesting day as I’m re-learning patience and gratitude and also how to let go of the past…on to the future. As they say-you can't take it with you.


  1. Those are wise words Lin..if you haven't had a crash yet, you will..

  2. Just about the most frustrating thing in the world to those of us who love our computers. The hardest part IS letting go . . . of the things you cannot open, print, or recover in any way, shape, or fashion. I hope you can save your most important things.

  3. Good advice. I don't think we even have a computer that can read a 3 1/2 inch floppy any more...well, maybe our desktop, but it's ancient and slow.

    Good luck with your transfers, eventually DVDs and CDs will be old news too. Who knows.

  4. found your blog through Sandy's. great to read your words...

  5. Isn't it ironic that we try to go paperless with our electronis technology, only to have to resort to paper if we really want to save something?
    Tom spent some frustrating hours trying to install an update for his weather station on our new computer. It has him stumped.

  6. Oh Lin, these are hard lessons.
    Hoping you will find a way.
    I admire your positive attitude.

  7. I've always had an urge to run off paper copies of every letter I write to my children. And I've done it.

    I'm beginning to think that a paper copy of my entire blog wouldn't be a bad idea. It's almost like a journal. I'd like to have it look like one.