Sunday, July 27, 2008

It's a Baby Blog!

Just born-a new blog, feel like I'm its grandmother as it is one of my students from the Creative Writing and Blogging class I taught last week. Linda, a neighbor and friend of mine, who is so enthusiastic about life and trying new things, is the author. Check it out! I love to teach and it's so exciting to see one of your students actually apply something you've taught them in their life. That's the pay or reward for teaching!

What was the last thing you taught directly or indirectly to another person?


  1. It sure is nice when a student is sucessful. I just stopped in to see Linda and it's a great start. A blog Grandma? smile

  2. Congrats on the new birth! You have a tassle of ready and willing cyber neighbors to help nurture the "baby" as it grows.

    Have I taken the time to thank everyone for encouraging me along the way?? Probably not! Let me do so here and now. I'll extend my appreciation more and in additional spaces. I am ever so grateful.

    It's a great thing you're doing, Lin!