Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fun Birthday

Well, what a great way to start off another new year...we actually had a little rain storm here in the desert and the temperature cooled to 97 degrees. Spent my birthday mostly at home. My husband cooked me breakfast then I continue to enjoy having my laptop back, haven't gotten to the new mini yet as it's easier just to focus on one new baby at a time. The other is in its box sleeping. 

Went to dinner at Outback restaurant locally and then off to Zion's Park one hour's drive away for a wonderful concert by a very talented duo Tingstad & Rumbel on guitar and woodwinds. Soothing music for the majestic outdoor venue. 

I won a free CD of their music in a drawing and it was the same CD I bought at intermission so I'm sending it to my BFF Caryn who after a long absence of almost a month is again blogging. She has commented on many of your blogs so you know her insightful, deep yet humorous style that always gives you something to think about. I got her started blogging so I'm happy she is continuing, read her blog. She always comments on my blogs at least once, sometimes twice-what a friend. Thanks to all you who took time to send me birthday greetings...I appreciate your friendships.

Here's another poem I wrote for my birthday time:


Old age has a way of sneaking
Up on us while we are busy
Doing other things like living

Our children soon empty the nest,
Then marry and have little ones

Before we know it our babies
Are middle-aged responsible adults
And we are grandparents ready
To retire and check out of life

How come life goes by so fast
While we are making other plans?

“I’d like to loose twenty-five pounds,
Take a computer class or two,
See the world and go on a cruise”

But all we ever get done
Is the day to day living--laundry,
Shopping, meals prepared, dishes
Washed and house cleaned while
The important things lay undone

Or maybe more essential tasks
Take priority, such as family needs
Raising, nurturing and teaching
Keeping a loving home in order

Isn’t that why we are here?


  1. You make me want to cry. Thank you for being in my life, Lin. You have been a gift!! And speaking of gifts... How come you're sending me one for YOUR birthday? You are amazing!!! I think I need Lin fix. I don't know when we'll get back down there. We still haven't warmed the sheets in one of your casitas'.

    I'm committing to blogging on a more regular basis. This once a month schtick seems kind of silly. I've enjoyed reading the comments from your friends on your blog and their posts on each of their own. Good stuff! Some knockout photography.

    What do the songs say,
    *"Turn around, and she's a young wife with babes of their own."
    *"When did she grow to be a beauty. When did he grow to be so tall. Wasn't it yesterday that they were small?"
    *"I don't remember growing older...when did they?"

    It seems like I walked outside to pull a few weeds and when I came back in the door, they were gone... It happened just that quickly. I can only hope I tended the gardens growing in their souls as well as I tended the perennial beds. Now that I'm older, I know where I really needed to spend my time weeding, fertilizing...

    I like getting older....well, okay, BEING older. I like the freedom and willingness to express myself more openly. I like how comfortable we become with ourselves as age advances. The mental, emotional, and spiritual aspect of celebrating lots of our birthdays is all together pretty wonderful. I can even deal with a few more wrinkles and the loss of hair... It's the bloody aching bones that could use a little reworking.

    I like the idea of raising, nurturing, teaching... MORE than just my family. Anyone out there who could use a hand up. Or needs an opportunity to stretch their wisdom by offering me a hand up.
    Keeping a loving LIFE in order.

    So glad your laptop is BACK!!! so glad YOU'RE back!!!

  2. Sick... my comment is almost as long as your post. What a windbag!! See what a frustrated blogger I am?

  3. I was just thinking about how quickly my children are growing up...and they are still young :) I honestly have no desire to get much older but I don't wish to be dead either. Guess I'm stuck with just getting old.

  4. Happy Birthday, Lin. I'm so glad you had a terrific evening out and won a gift, no less! You deserve it and Caryn will love it, too.

  5. I might like to be younger again if I could take my wisdom with me. The aging body isn't so much fun, but the lessons learned, the experiences gained, the knowledge and insight accumulated make the aging brain a wonderful thing.
    Forget the extra pounds, but Lin, do take a cruise!

  6. A poet too Lin! What talent! I'm glad that you had a good birthday...