Monday, July 7, 2008

Change and Computers

Resisting change has got to be
A sign of old age or something
Just when I'm feeling comfortable
With my new laptop and its programs
It dies, so I return to my old desktop

Now it's not cooperating, won't print
Won't save typing except in emails
My husband suggests replacing it
But then my old scanner and zip disks
Won't work, I think there is a conspiracy

Going on with built-in longevity controls
That expire often just to keep computer
Techs and stores in business not to mention
All the updates you MUST have just to
Keep computing, it's exhausting work


  1. Well, I certainly agree with you on this! My "old" desktop is slowing down as it's virtual memory is being depleted by new technology. I'm thinking, so? My memory is slowing down, too. But if my computer gets too slow, I may forget what I was trying to do!
    So I'm facing the thought of new equipment, too, and it's daunting.

  2. Mom that computer with a icepack on it's monitor is an awesome photo! That's how I feel after the gym, too bad we signed up for 4 days a week! We might just go crazy! hehe! =)

  3. OOOOOooh yea! Been there, done that! It is THE most nerve wracking thing. I'm with linda reeder - I often had to sit for a minute to think of what it was I was trying to do before the tech glitz. Baby son solved the problem (as he sometimes used my desktop when he visited) - he bought me a new one. Sure makes a difference!

  4. HERE! HERE! I'd say we should all toss our computers in the closet and go back to "Ye Olde IBM Selectric"... but that's a TERRIBLE idea. As daunting and frustrating as it is to find our computer programs outdated before we finish two dozen letters to our kids and a couple months worth of "blogs", they beat every other alternative out there. So, I tell myself to suck it up and adjust. The positive thinking approach doesn't seem to reduce my level of anxiety and frustration... but, I can smile in the mirror when I brush my teeth and congratulate meself for handling my computer glitches with maturity. (Remember the old alarm clock with the dynamite??) How mature is that?

  5. I get so stressed over computer issues...

  6. I think someone should invent a "universally compatible computer!" Just think how easy life would be if our technology was compatible.