Thursday, July 17, 2008

Any one miss me?

I missed you and reading your blogs and posting a new blog this morning. My internet service was out from yesterday afternoon till today. Seems there is always some challenge to make your life interesting. My laptop computer works fine now but with no internet connection all I could do was write which isn't a bad choice. So I worked on some more articles to sell. It was fun to come home today after being a docent at the Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum locally and find 32 emails waiting-most of which were comments on my blog. I love it! Thanks to my many new and old friends. Now to check out and comment on your blogs. I will be teaching another class next Monday on blogging and creative writing.


  1. Lin... How could you ask that? Of course you were missed! I haven't posted my new blog for you to respond too, however. I'm waiting to see if I can figure out how to take a snapshot off my camera and put it on my site. I'm light years behind all the rest of you expert bloggers.

    Glad to be able to see your comments again!

  2. internet? Not blogs? Must have tried your patience! haha