Thursday, May 29, 2008

Time to Comment

Thanks to all who are registered with Google and can sign in and make comments on my blog. Many friends and relatives I've seen lately tell me they read my blog but have never made a comment or their password doesn't work anymore. It's not that hard to comment, if you want to just remain "anonymous" and not register. Just click on "comments", then in the empty text box and type in your comment, end with your first name at the end so I know who you are, click "anonymous" at the bottom then "submit." It's that easy then you will have "made my day" by knowing that someone has read my blog and cared enough to comment on it. (Thanks Gittan.) 

I also offer my help to anyone who would like to start a blog. It's not that difficult and I can help you by email or over the phone. That's how I got started. (Thanks again Susi Q.) It is fun!


dellgirl said...

In reference to this particular post today, first thanks Lin, for your patience in trying to get my newsletter.

While I understand the concept behind the word verification process, it can get aggravating when you enter what you see and the dang thing says that is not right. I've been there lots of times. Many times I gave up on it. Sometimes it worked for me after fiddling and trying.

Maybe a better solution will come along soon.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

That book sounds interesting!