Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Stormy Weather Today

Think there is a song about that from the old days. I'm amazed more and more how the days of my youth are the old days. And this year is my 50th high school reunion (photo of my high school graduation day.) I went to my 45th reunion in California but it couldn't be held at the school because there is now a fence with barbed wire around the entire school because of gangs and drugs, so we met at a Newport Beach hotel. I would rather have gone and walked around the halls of my old school and remembered those days of being shy, skinny and having the whole world ahead of me. Although I wouldn't want to go back and repeat those days. 

Well, back to stormy weather, it's kind of like "life." Some dark and difficult times come into all our lives that make us appreciate the days when it is sunny and everything is going along smoothly. I wouldn't mind reliving certain parts of my life but only if I knew what I know now, but that's not the plan. So I can only hope to pass on some of my hard won wisdom to those of my family that are interested. "Life is what happens while you are making other plans."


teacher retired said...

I left a comment several days ago on your post about meeting people. As a retired teacher, soon to live full time in Washington, UT, we have quite a bit in common. Just wanted to say "Hello."

mom/caryn said...

I've never been to a high school reunion. I never had the desire to. I'd rather walk through the "hallways' of my memory. I had most of my friendships and my activities through church. In California, several high schools were in one ward boundary.

If I could go to a dream re-union, it would be with all of the women who I associated with and relied on when my children were growing. It would be fun to compare our experiences with our now grown adult kiddies, share some laughs comparing the rekindling of romance with our hubbies when the kids left home (or as is the case with us... when WE left home) and telling one another how we finally figured out what we really felt and thought now that we found ourselves with the time to connect with our own thoughts and feelings.

Passing on wisdom... I'm beginning to believe that knowledge is gained through the experience of others... but wisdom is gained only through our own experiences. My father tried so hard to pass on his wisdom... and he had a great and abundant store of it... But, somehow all that he told me and all that he taught me never registered and grew from knowledge to wisdom I could claim as mine until I had to climb some rocky hillsides and wade through some dark waters of my own. Then what he had tried to teach me became clear and of real value.

How true it is that so often what we plan, and what actually happens make for two very differing stories. I think that I've often been rather relieved that my plans never grew to fruition.

Musings said...

There was barbed wire around your old school? Why? Is it now a dangerous area? I attended one class reunion but somehow I haven't had the desire to attend another one. Maybe when I return to Hawaii, I might want to. I guess it's one more thing I'll find out once I'm done with this move.

Lin said...

Yes, the whole area I used to live in now has gangs and drug activities unfortunately. I knew few at my reunion so it wasn't too fun and I won't go to the expense to attend my 50th reunion.