Friday, May 16, 2008

Searching for More

Always looking for more
Another place to move to
That’s more exciting, cooler
Wooded, quiet and secluded
In another state, far away
So we can have more adventures

Why can’t we enjoy what we have?

It seems human nature to want
What we don’t have, always more
All the time is the greedy chant
If I am a little happy, why not more
Only in finding our inner gratitude
Can we truly be happy, fulfilled
And content with what we have


  1. So true. So true. I often stop and think to myself... I have a great house, a great husband, great children and an adorable grandchild. I'm not in pain. I have to just stop and appreciate it all. Thank you for the reminder.

  2. There's a song that goes:
    "All I want is all there is and them some.
    All I want is all there is and more.
    Well, why? Why not? If I'm gonna want, I'm gonna want a lot.
    Now here's the score, why wish for a loaf of bread when I can wish for the grocery store?"

    Used to be my theme song, I'm sorry to admit. As I've aged, I've finally realized just how much I can live without. My wants are fewer...although finer. Not too long ago I was at a seminar and heard that we spend the first fifty years of our lives collecting things and the second fifty trying to get rid of them. Actually, I heard this a decade or more ago.... but, I didn't understand how true it was until fairly recently.

    Wayne, getting older, and the Hollow have been good for me. So has trapesing through countless homes as a realtor. Way too many of them are filled with so much "stuff". You walk out of the home, look at each other and wonder what color the walls were... if the floors were tile or hardwood... You can't even see the home for the accumulation of "stuff" collected and crammed into corners over the years. I finally understand that "too much" is, well... too much.

    NOW... that being said. I think new experiences in new places are part of the reason we're here. It stretchs and expands our souls. It increases our knowledge of and appreciation for all of God's creation and all of His children.
    I am so happy at the Hollow that it will be difficult for me to want to move on when the time for us to do so arrives. But, it will come. And when it does, I'll pack up our suitcases and our memories and be grateful for the precious time we wre blessed with here, and look forward to the new lessons waiting to be taught in our next adventure.