Monday, May 19, 2008


The writing assignment was to cluster the word "never", to create your own manifesto of something you would never do. This is what came:

Never let go of truth
Hold on to it tightly
Principles taught by the Spirit
Received in sacred experiences
Are gifts to be cherished
Not easily gained or lost

Acceptance by unbelievers
Or self doubts that come
Should not stop the quest for
Prayer and oneness with God
The search for understanding
And peace is why we are here

What is something you would "never" do?


  1. I would never understand how to "cluster a word" and make something that beautiful out of it.

    I loved it, as well. Something else to copy and carry around with me.

  2. How old are these people?! I cannot get my mine to go there right now. That is so powerful!

    I only know I have learned along the way (of life) to never say "never" - for me, personally.

  3. dellgirl, welcome back. not sure who you are referring to as to how old they are. is it my article on decoration day? all in the photos except me are gone now. only have one uncle left in my dad's family. his wife, sister and her husband all passed away in Jan-Mar 2008.

  4. I'm referring to the writer of the finished product of the "cluster" assignment.

    It made me realize I have not done any creative thinking or writing since I finished my book in March.

    Reading it gave me the jolt I need to get back on track.

  5. Dellgirl, I do all the writing on my blog poetry or free verse etc. if it's otherwise i will give credit to the writer. check out my blog on writing the natural way. i teach a class on writing and poetry.