Monday, May 12, 2008

My Five Grandkids

Daniel and Tina's children (l-r) Nathan, Heather, James and Emilee playing together nicely with play dough

James enjoying something good to eat and he can talk!

Twins ready for church (l-r) Heather and Emilee

Frank and Nedret's son Hakan, they live in New Mexico but I talked with them by phone on Mother's Day


  1. You have a beautiful family.

  2. My favorite is James licking his chops! Cute, cute. The girls are growing into young ladies too fast! Haken is a beautiful child. Grandkids really are a joy, aren't they? I soooo enjoy mine!

  3. Lin - Linda - retired teacher - grandmother: We seem to have much in common. thanks for reaching out to my blog. I am new at this and had no idea I would attract "perfect strangers" to my site. Having just come from two river cruises in Europe, I am struck by how like-minded people find each other and connect. It happened on the ship, too.
    Great looking family.