Monday, May 26, 2008

Maybe it's gratitude

for even our trials that makes the difference, instead of resisting if we could just ask what am I to learn from this. I know the answer patience always comes easily. Just how patient can we become? More. I'm finding that's true visiting with grandkids, trying to be patient with misbehavior and find teaching moments to make a difference in their lives. Sending unconditional value to them is so important as it is to ourselves. We judge ourselves much more harshly that we do others. (Photo of twins helping out with the dishes after I suggested that it would be really nice to do it.)


  1. Didn't I ever pass on one of my favorite quotes?...
    "Patience is a virtue.
    Acquire it if you can.
    It's seldom found in woman,
    And NEVER found in man."

    Cute, eh? But not altogether true in our family. Wayne is far more patient that I am... well, EXCEPT with the grandkids. The crazy, noisy, messy things they do bother him a lot more than they bother me. I just figure they're doing things that little boys do. Like spritzing two whole cans of shaving cream all over the driveway, or trapsing in the house looking strangely like the mud huts they'd just finished making down by the creek. (truly uncanny resemblence) As a matter of fact, I read a plaque at a gift shop a week or two ago that made me giggle. It said:
    "Boy- noun: a noise with mud on it." Sounds about right.

    As for the twins... Uhhhh, isn't helping or bettter yet, DOING the dishes part of their everyday chores? If not, why not? Hop on that grandma. Oh yeah... that's the part that's frustrating and requires patience, right? Not being able to hop right on it and sort of "make things happen" That's probably the part that's hardest for me. Thinking that my son's boy ought to work a little harder and a whole lot faster at helping out around his home and yard. But... he's getting better each time I visit. Progress is being made ...

    Actually, they're all three about 97 percent absolute joy and 3% jumble of frustrating, time hogging, sneaking, worrisome, whining, little tink dinks. Well... make that about 1 1/2%.

  2. I think I am the one being firmer with my granddaughter while my husband just loves her without putting much restrictions on her. Could be why she loves going to him first. She comes to me for snacks and diaper changes. I know your twins look up to you and love you completely.