Saturday, May 31, 2008

May Winners

Remember way back 31 days ago at the beginning of the month of May, when I announced I would give a prize (it's creative bookmarks) to the person who made the most comments on my blog? 

Well, guess who the #1 winner is- my friend Caryn again with 35 comments out of 40 blogs she could have com-mented on, but she already won a prize last month-a writing book. So runner-up is Musings with 23 comments but she is moving to Hawaii. The 3rd place winner is Dellgirl with 10 comments. 

Congrats Leona, a new friend who is also a writer, read her blog. Please email me your address and I'll send a little prize your way-several handmade jeweled bookmarks so fun and practical for those of us who like to read. (Thanks to Caryn who taught me recently how to make them. See photo above of prize.)

Other runners-ups are Chandi-5 comments, Teacher Retired-5, Susi Q-4, Dawn-4, Alicia-4, and Carla-4. Keep the comments coming and you may win a prize in the new month. Thanks, on to June, fun summer activities and vacations!


  1. WOW!! And, double WOW! I picked a fine time to be away. And, I return to find I've won a prize I didn't know I was in the running for. This is so so great! Lucky lucky me!

    Thanks Lin.

  2. Oh! That's why my mom was asking for your addy...hehe! I'm a weiner! I love winning!