Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Making Time to....

We only have so much time in each day
So priorities are what it's all about
What can we do this day that will make
A real difference in our life or others' lives

Take time to thank our Heavenly Father
For another day of health and strength
Freedom and the agency to choose
How we use this precious day and hour

Even minutes are priceless possessions
That can yield wonderful rewards when
Well and thoughtfully used, just a smile
A kind word, reaching "out" instead of "in"

Can make all the difference for us
For our family, friends and neighbors
"Use it or loose it", time is our ally
It's why we are here, to improve


  1. I remember my mother-in-law telling me 30 years ago that time flies by incredibly fast. She said her mind was still as it was when she was 16 and she couldn't understand why her body would not allow her to do all it had before. She said she felt as though she was 16 only yesterday. I see the wisdom of her words now and realize we have a very short time to enjoy everything around us.

  2. It's true... life goes by in a blink.

    Wayne and I were young and in love and dreaming about the day we could finally be together forever just yesterday... My children were babies just minutes ago...

    It's over too soon. I wish I knew how to convince 13 year old girls to enjoy being 13... How to convey the importance of tasting every experience... shutting our eyes and savoring the sweetness of just one soft moment. I didn't appreciate the agility I had when I was 20 and 30... but, I'm sure going to squeeze the pleasure out of the agility I have left at 66.

    Pearl Bailey said, "Sometimes I would give up years of my life before giving up just one moment". We need to look for, make, and treasure more of those moments that we could never imagine relinquishing the memory of. And making a gift of such moments to those who share our lives with us.

    As ever... some thought provoking words, Lin. Thanks!