Thursday, May 22, 2008

Internet Possibilities

First the fun of emailing family daily
And friends far away at any time
Even talking to them and seeing
Their countenances with "skype"

Then it was Internet cousins, relatives
Discovered while doing genealogy
And I was able to publish my results
Histories, photos on my webpage

My son found his eternal companion
Through a website, Susi Q taught me how
to make a blog to publish my stuff
Thoughts, dreams and poems online

Now I’ve made new blogging buddies
To read their comments and become friends
There’s no limit to the good possible
When we reach out in honesty and love

Don't forget shopping, travel and
Lodging arrangements and details
To make your next trip exciting all
Through the fascinating world wide web

And we take it all for granted now...


  1. Here here! I love it! Lots of positives about the internet. I love it when we have a debate going about something, and we just hop on and look up the answer.

  2. At one time, I didn't want a computer. Now I think I'd go crazy without one. Along with e-mailing, I also do lots of genealogy research. And now with the blog...I'm having so much fun!

    Thanks for visiting. Have a good weekend!

  3. I have a friend who said she refused to buy a computer because she didn't want to get hooked. I told her this is a day and age that you really would benefit from a computer. It is so much fun. I can't get along without it, not just because of contact with friends like you but to book things, get important information, etc... everything you said. Yahoo!

  4. I wonder if I'll ever stop being fascinated with the internet and the univers of information it opens up to us they way I've totally forgotten how much we loved and relied on the radio... the theaters... the television...
    life advances and we move along leaving some of the all time "great" inventions of the day behind.

    I just can't imagine it getting better than this... but, who knows?? The ancients were pretty happy with chiseling on rocks and engraving on golden plates...