Wednesday, May 28, 2008

If only...

a comment from my friend Caryn reminds me of regrets...if onlys. How many times do we say this to ourselves? If only...I were thinner, younger, more educated, more talented, had more friends, etc. What if we substituted I am so grateful that... I have good health, have lived such a long life, still have my senses, am interested in life or have the dear friends I have made over the years. Too many of us live in the world of regret rather than the world of gratitude and new possibilities. Looking for serendipity in each day can brighten our world. New doors are always opening.

I have a dear friend in Sweden named Gittan, we see each other only every few years but our friendship has grown over the years through email, letters, and phone calls. Now we can talk face to face with skype. I truly appreciate all my friends that contribute to my life and the new ones I am making blogging. Each person we met adds so much to our life.

Thanks for being there.


  1. I love to read your blog, and see the photos of your cousins for instance. I am happy you have found this way to share your thoughts. Who you are makes a difference!
    Nice to talk with you today via Skype. Glad we are such goods friends - for ever!
    Love you, Gittan

  2. I agree that you can't focus on regrets but should be glad for all you have. I do try to do that. But I admit, sometimes I can't help but wish I did something better.