Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fearful Thoughts

Interesting talk at church today about FEAR and how it can either paralyze us or motivate us to do something. I think it is something we all have to face in our life. Fear of terrorism striking the USA again, the Iraq war continuing, natural disasters, the world ending, sickness coming to a loved one, getting older and not being able to care for ourselves are examples of one kind of fear that can temporarily stop us. We wonder if life is worth living.

On the other hand, fear can motivate us to develop a relationship with and strengthen our faith in God-to try to understand His plan for our life better. This can have a positive outcome as we try to be a better person, friend, family member, and neighbor. Act not just react to stressful situations. 

I know one thing that works for me when fears or trials come is asking myself..."what am I to learn from this?" Every experience we have daily can be used to learn from, even if it is only to find out more about some area of our life or personality that we need to change or improve. What do you fear and how do you handle fear in your life?


Musings said...

You're so right, Lin. I'm ashamed to admit that I'm afraid to drive and it is crippling. I did drive to work and when I had to, used to drive the kids to school, to doctor's appointments close by but it still scares me.

gremhog said...

man...I never thought I was a chicken but lately, I am. Everytime the mail arrives with stomething that looks legal for my dad, I just put it aside. Did that this afternoon, and then chastized myself and said, just open it. I opened it and it was NOTHING...just some stupid accountants brag letter. Now I doubt that's going to give me more courage for the real legal stuff but it was a start.

Chandi said...

I once had a friend tell me that "Fear is the Devil's Priesthood". It took me a little while to understand that. I think it makes sense. The Priesthood is Christ's power that enables us to heal, comfort, support, calm, and uplift each other. It gives us great strength. While fear can do us good at times I believe Satan does use it as a powerful tool. He uses it to knock us down, and make us feel unworthy or useless. He uses it to keep us from becoming who we need to be, and from recognizing the gifts given to us. It enables him to have some power over us.

mom/caryn said...

It's the little fears that seem to bind us, isn't it?

The possibility of another terrorist attack isn't nearly as crippling for me as the possibility that I'll say someting stupid on my blog that will let everyone know I'm still not a grown up. So... I don't blog. Stupid fear. No one cares if I say something stupid. I know that... but, I still let the fear of "losing face" or not being able to keep up the facade of wisdom and/or cleverness stop me.

I have a couple of completely irrational fears that keep me awake and chilled when I'm alone all night. Since I was a teenager, I've been afraid someone would come in at night and cut off my nipples. Is that just wierd, or what? But, it petrifies me. Now... there... you see?? I told you I was afraid of doing it and I did it. I said something stupid.

mom/caryn said...

My daughter, Chandi, on the other hand was brilliant in her comments!