Sunday, May 25, 2008


Cousins, the links between children
Of siblings, now our aunts and uncles
We are almost like brothers and sisters
But not, first and second cousins
Family, we meet at annual reunions or
To grieve at sad occasions like funerals
Or joyous occasions as family marriages,
Sharing birthdays and special anniversaries
Or when new little ones join our clan

Eternally linked by our common heritage
And experiences together from our youth
We share grandparents long departed from us
Memories of days past, severe trials that we
Each have had to overcome-whether health
Or family or personal do bind us together
As we reach out in support to each other
And express our eternal love and family unity
We will always and forever be linked together


  1. I think having the extended family around is what we missed most living in the Midwest these 33 years. Once in Hawaii, there will be the joy of being with family....maybe also the difficulties?

  2. ahhhh yes! Extended family. I love it! It's like sitting in the shelter of a grove of trees.

    I was about to say that I really don't do much with my cousin's when I realized that I do... it's just that a couple of my cousin's have become my sisters through the years and I forget what the actual familial connection is. That's also the case with my Aunt Shirley, (one of my favorite people on the planet) and the sister's-in-law on my husbands side of he family. We truly are sisters, best friends, soul mates and companieros. The difficulties that "musings" mentioned do come from time to time. But, they're few and quickly forgotten.

    It's such a sweet thing to see the lines blur with the passing of time. Who's the sister, the best friend, the daughter, the son, the aunt or cousin or brother? It's just this incredible tight bond of unity and trust and security in one another that will hold us together forever and always and through any and everything.

  3. Caryn's feelings are expressed so beautifully! When a family is close, the familial connections really are blurred. Lin, I don't know if it was the childhood we spent together, the divorces we shared, our experiences as single mothers, the days in the genealogy library, or just our shared regular family life events -- but you feel more like a sister than a cousin. I think our connection is definitely blurred, and I am so thankful for that!