Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Terrible Class

I went to a writers workshop entitled "Writing as Art" at our local library last night. The workshop name sounded promising and something I'm interested in. The teacher was a local editor of a popular magazine, but it was terrible, boring, and unproductive. All about grammar in writing, nothing about art or how to improve your writing other than mechanically. What a waste of $15 and my time-an hour. Not all writers even English graduates can teach about writing or inspire and motivate others to write. I kept trying all through the class to learn something so it wasn't a complete waste, but it was a challenge. How often do we find ourselves in situations like that and don't know what to do other than not repeat that situation again. Getting up and leaving early seemed too rude, so I didn't use that option but it did give me something to blog about.


  1. I agree...leaving would have not been nice. HOpefully someone had review cards on the program to fill out. Our library does after each program. Same with talks in church. When they get boring I remember John Bytheway's comment (at least I think it was him) to sit there and write your own talk on the same topic. See if you can do better if you can't stand to listen anymore.

  2. well, good idea susi Q, plan out a whole lesson to better teach what is being poorly taught. unfortunately another poorly planned class took place this morning in a different setting. it took the instructor, who came late, 35 min. to set up her computer and lcd projector. i stayed for an hr and she was just teaching the basics of word and it was suppose to be an intermediate class. so i quietly, discreetly left and am now home doing other things that need to be done. amazing two days in a row of poorly planned or executed classes....
    i did feel out a review of last night's class.

  3. I'd be for starting to look for a comfrtable seat on the back row in case you need to make an escape in the future. I love Susan's John Bytheway suggestion... even if it would be writing a lesson plan that I'll never teach, it's always fun to push words around on a paper and see what you come up with. And with luck, the instructor will think that you're taking copius notes on his/her brilliant delivery. Although, bad waiters shouldn't be given good tips, bad actors shouldn't be given standing ovations, and bad teachers shouldn't be led to believe that they don't need to hone their skills if they want to continue being asked to instruct.

    I find that the older I get the more closely I guard my time. I don't normally begrudge a little cash being thrown down the flusher... but, I really resent someone wasting too much of my time. So, it would be very difficult for me to remain seated and pretend that I'm being intellectually fed or motivated. It's toung enough to do that in Sacrament meeting all too often.
    oops!! Was that a bad thing to say?