Monday, March 28, 2016

Saturday window shopping...

Finally got hermit hubby out of the house last week and we went to our local family history center working on his Native American ancestry-it was lots of fun. Still gathering info to publish later. We got to the center early and it wasn't open so we did some rare window shopping. Caryn and I do that every week when we get together.

Hubby and I went window shopping last Saturday in St. George in this store.
My grandma Johnson had one of these in her living room and it worked.
I remember my grandma using one of these in the 1940s.
Fun old glass jars hardly used any more in our day of plastic everything.
Lots of herbs and spices to use in cooking. We bought a nut chopper.


Linda Reeder said...

We had a radio like that in our house. It had great bass sounds. I remember listening to early Elvis on it. And yes, that was the first telephone I remember. Our party line ring was two shorts and a long.

Jean said...

My grandparents in Canada had a hand-crank telephone. Each time it rang, everyone else on their line picked up their receivers to eavesdrop. That was the most efficient way to learn the news back then!

Rambling Woods said...

We should use more glass than all the plastic... My hubby is not a good shopper at all..