Sunday, June 1, 2014


After weeks of watching our baby Hummingbirds, they flew away quietly.
We lost our main source of entertainment, as the nest is empty! 
Birdseye view, now to clean up all the bird poop below on the table +! 
Another nest in our honeysuckle bush-Dove eggs
Our anniversary roses are doing well and love the warmth of summer.
Yellow roses of Texas!
In full bloom, love this color!

Hubby very carefully plants and cares for our tomato plants.
Drip irrigation will keep these plants going hopefully!
Now for a few zucchini seeds-wish us luck in our growing season!
It wasn't easy to convince my reluctant gardener to plant some tomatoes!


  1. With water they should grow fast in your heat. Nothing quite like home grown tomatoes.

  2. It is such a treat to be able to watch baby birds.... Hug...

  3. You captured several great photos of the hummers. I'd love to see a nest of hummer babies that close.

    I add diced banana peels to the soil when I plant tomatoes. Supposedly that provides extra nutrition for the plants....