Thursday, August 1, 2013

Welcome AUGUST

A new steeple on an LDS Church is installed in our retirement area 
as our flock increases. How fun to watch this exciting event 
and capture it in photos. Enjoy:

A new cooler month
as some schools begin classes
Vacation times are almost over
preparing for new routines.

More classes to teach locally,
writing conferences to attend
family to visit and enjoy.
Life to be lived fully.

Less sunlight as days shorten,
relief from summer's insistence,
Remembering wearing jackets.
Goodbye soon to outdoor pools.

On with new projects and goals.
Refreshing, renewing autumn.
My favorite season is coming
after August as summer ends.


Sandy Carlson said...

Great stuff, Lin! How'd they do that before the crane?

Kay said...

August was always one of the super hot months in Chicago.