Thursday, August 15, 2013

Need for MOMS

           There is quite a discussion going on about working moms. Well, all moms work, but some also work outside the home. It's called a CAREER. Dads face the same dilemma with balancing home and work responsibilities but somehow males don't seem to carry the brunt of the responsibility for the home. Though I know many dads help out at home with housework and parenting chores. It's quite a difficult thing to balance your responsibilities as a parent and the need or want for a career whether for financial survival or personal fulfillment as a woman.
         Having survived being a single parent because of divorce in my life, looking back I can appreciate the struggles that modern moms are facing. I found the best solution for me was to work  PART TIME. That wasn't always possible when I was the only wage earner and child support was minimal or non existent. Extended family members can help with child care and other support.
         It's still an emotional struggle for working mothers to return to the workforce after the birth of a new infant who is so dependent 24/7 for care. Not to mention the guilt involved in leaving a helpless newborn with a caregiver and returning to the responsibilities involved in any full time job. If there's any possibility of staying home to participate in the raising of this new little person, it's well worth the personal sacrifice of finding your most fulfilling career that can demand your best skills and awarenesses to use them at home.
         Children are not an option but a responsibility that is God-given for many purposes: for parents (mom's and dad's) refinement and for society's advancement and progress. If we stop having children or raising them, why are here?


  1. This is so true, 'Children are not an option but a responsibility'. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on this. Nice post, Lin.

  2. My son was in 2nd grade when I went back to work teaching. I still remember the stab to my heart when he said, "You love your students more than you do me."