Saturday, August 10, 2013

Article #256 Morality

          In some countries women cover their faces and heads in modesty, while in America revealing clothes seem to be the norm for many modern youth. Both extremes of dress are standards of conduct that are accepted as normal, but are exact opposites. In order to judge these different standards of morality, you can look at the outcomes to know if the results are good. Does it further a society’s structure, safeguard children and families, yet allow for individual differences? There is always a conflict between censorship vs. rebellion. This has gone on for millennia, because of changing society norms.
           In some societies, each rising generation wants to make a statement of being different, more modern than their parents and grandparents. I remember well the hippie generation with their tied dyed clothing, free love, drugs, communes, etc. wondering where it would lead. Nowadays, that seems so long ago and tame to some of today’s styles: piercings and tattoos that are popular with many youth. Dyed and extreme haircuts of punkers still amaze me especially when traveling in European countries where youth look to America as the example to follow to be in style with the latest fashions. Unknown future rebellions can only be imagined.

            What has happened to innocence, modesty, and MORALITY? Finding your own style isn’t easy in these days of instant Internet coverage where extremism entices many into duplicating misbehavior and activities under the guise of progress, freedom, and self expression. One student’s suicide or gun violence in a school or movie theatre leads other adolescents into copy-cat activities. Tatooing is popular as a way of preserving one’s rebellion permanently. Until later as an adult, you realize that you want this artistic decoration removed by painful laser treatments. What became of thinking for yourself? This positive activity seldom makes the nightly news or Facebook pages. Too many infants are being born into the lives of irresponsible youths who don’t take responsibility for the results of their promiscuous lifestyle.

            I fear for the future that my grandchildren are inheriting. Though, I do have faith that many of our youth, brought up in homes with strong moral values, have the ability to make sense of the modern changing world. Just as we made our way through the beatniks, hippies and punks to grow up and become responsible adults of modern day with the example of our parents and grandparents to guide us. NEXT TIME: Lottery Chances. 


  1. I did find myself saying the same thing to my kids that my mother used to tell me. My daughter teased me about my miniskirts when she saw them in old photos.

    As for other countries, it's so hard to make judgements.

  2. Actually this week I was thinking about what you wrote on this post. Children now are loosing their way in life. They rarely communicate with their parents, they reveal too much skin at such a young age and they want everything now, instead of working for tomorrow. When moral values, good manners, modesty and education is not being taught at home, that's where it begins to fall apart. The young girls of today are sleeping with boys never thinking of how it will affect them tomorrow. Its sad and Satan is laughing all the way to hell.

  3. It's a sad and strange thing that morality these days is not only linked to style, it is a style. I wonder how it became something superficial.