Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Navigating Marketing

Well, I'm on the JOURNEY of exploring ways to sell my book. Must say it's easier to write a book than market it unless you have a publisher ready to gobble up your latest work of love and place it in bookstores. Being my fifth self published book in the last five years, you think I'd be used to the routine. Get the idea, write the book, edit the book, publish the book, try to market the book to regain your expenses. Never getting rich, just hoping to break even...lol!

The marketing part is the CHALLENGE. Trying Linkedin.com but not really sure how to make this work-although I have around 500 new friends-also writers who now know about my book. Misery loves company? Thinking of making this book an Amazon e-book as they seem to sell faster. Also could sent queries to publishers, but I've done that before with my other books. I don't handle rejection well. Trying to attend local fairs and conferences to sell my book. Doing local press releases, blogs, interviews, bookmarks, posters, etc. Maybe I should just give my books away and get on with my life. Just thinking out loud here.

Have sold four of my fifty printed copies to students in my latest class entitled BECOME YOUR BEST YOU: Find Your Voice. I did a blog interview, but no one came to read or comment on it. Thinking about PININTEREST but not sure I want to open up all my Facebook contacts to them. Any suggestions out there? Would you like to buy a cool writing workbook for someone you know who is dealing with the heartbreak of divorce and needs some specific guides in healing and recovery? Only $15 plus postage. Leave a comment or go to PAYPAL and order today. You'll make my day!

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  1. Hate to tell you, but bookstores aren't the only answer either. Just keep moving forward. I take sort of the guerilla method. I try a marketing technique, see what results I get, and go on to another one if the first doesn't work out. Keep moving forward. Do something marketing related every day, and you will get your name out there. Have you tried anything in my book?