Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sharing PHOTOS


1. SCRAPBOOKS-remember where you actually paste photos into a book of some kind and label the photos. Lasting mementos until someone tosses them after your demise!

2. FRAMED PHOTOS hung on the wall or on a shelf or digital frames with changing photos

3. CARDS or Family Letters, charts or posters 

4. BOOKS or printed FAMILY HISTORIES-demo (I'm teaching a class this weekend on this!)


1. Email your photo as an attachment or to TWITTER or put in on FACEBOOK

2. BLOGS-current family activities, can allow just family to access or open to the whole Internet. Easy to make, go to register with your  google account or make one, then find a template and plug in your information or take a BLOGGING CLASS. I like to post a birthday collage for family birthdays.

3. SLIDE SHOWS-see my blog for yesterday-SMILEBOX, google slideshows for more sites to make one: i.e., etc.  Another example: Confluence Park Field Trip made by Carl Berger

4. YOUTUBE videos-have to edit with software before uploading to this site or just copy on a CD

Trip to Iceland 2011 I-Movie with narration, all still photos with a Ken Burns effect also on my blog

5. WEBSITES-a little different than blogs and more labor intensive. Need software or a template. Here's my family history webpage-15 years in the making. Originally made with Adobe Pagemill on a Geocities free website now owned by and a small yearly charge for hosting.


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SandyCarlson said...

We sure do have our options these days. Snowy days like this one make me long for the tangible and to make scrapbooks and decorations with photos.