Sunday, August 2, 2009

Reunion time again!

Time to gather all the cousins,
grand kiddies and older folks too.
Bring on the fried chicken and the
homemade potato salad plus
all the other fixings. It's the annual
Johnson Family Reunion in Provo.

Teenagers beware-there will be
relatives you've never met before.
Lots of hugs from strange people.
This is an extended family gathering
part of a greater whole-descendants
of my departed beloved grandparents.

Wouldn't they like to peek in to
see how they were just a beginning
of a great heritage increasing yearly.
New marriages, little ones join us
until there's hardly room to meet
and not everyone knows each other.

Imagine what fun we'll have in heaven
at our gigantic family reunions there.
Generations from long ago and yet
to be born mingling and conversing.
Finding out if our departed loved ones
were able to watch our earthly lives.
providing protection and prayers
to guide us on our way home to them.

(In the chart above 7 of the 14 family members shown are deceased. Above photos-my son Jeff and wife Rachel, and the cousins: Marion, Bill, me and Jody.) More photos below from Jennifer of the water slide that the kids enjoyed at the reunion. Below is Jennifer and my aunt Ethel-last remaining Johnson sibling of her age group. At the reunion homemade water slide my grand daughters Heather and Emilee, and Jennifer's daughter Samantha.


SandyCarlson said...

Amen! Have lots of fun with all the family!

kavita said...

Yes...just have lotsa fun and make sure that we get to see a lot of pictures...i mean a lot.

Cheryl /Ashton said...

Sounds like a well-loved tradition. How wonderful you can all be together.

Deborah Godin said...

Woo-hoo, they're going to need a add whole new wing behind the Pearly Gates just for your clan!!

Linda Reeder said...

tis the family picnic season!

Nedo said...

I am , We Are, sorry that we missed this reunion! hope we will make it before Hakan turns teenager.

Rambling Woods said...

We had wonderful family reunions on my Mother's side of the family when I was a child. Every year I get an invitation, but haven't gone in years.. I should go.....