Sunday, January 6, 2013


I remember thinking in 1971 while I was living in Brazil
with my first husband and our three sons that I was so
tired of cooking. It was especially difficult there since 
there were no quick easy foods-it was all from scratch.

 Forty-two years later, I'm still tired of cooking––but not eating
unfortunately. Today I decided to cook spaghetti squash for lunch.

After cutting the squash in half, I boiled them face down
for 20 minutes. Then threw together some meatballs from Cosco.
Spaghetti sauce was onions, green peppers + a can of tomato sauce.

Quite a tasty dish if I do say so myself, but I made lots of dishes
which my hubby doesn't appreciate cause he does them.
The bright spot is we have leftovers tomorrow-no cooking!
How do you feel about cooking meals?


  1. spaghetti squash is a great piece of produce. I fixed one for Thanksgiving with Thai spices and flavors. Like your hubby, Terry does all the clean up. We have a saying around here, if there's a pot to be used, Delaine will use it.

  2. I get tired of cooking too, but like you, I prepare a complete dinner almost every day. I like to eat good, balanced meals, so I cook them. Most of my home cooking is much better than going to a restaurant, but occasionally we go out just because I can't face cooking one more meal right then.

  3. That looks really good..I like to make as little a mess as possible...

  4. I don't much care for cooking so I'm glad mom has taken over for the most part. I remember making spaghetti squash decades ago. You've made it look quite delicious. We're going to have to try it again.