Saturday, July 21, 2012

Synergy is

...the working together of two or more things, people, or organizations, especially when the result is greater than the sum of their individual effects or capabilities (Encarta® World English Dictionary) 

How to bring SYNERGY about is not easy-it takes an openness and creative attitude that not everyone has in our competitive get ahead of each other world. A FAMILY should/could be a great example of this, but that doesn't always happen. Again an ideal to strive towards in marriage or any relationship. My friend Caryn and I have this at times because we support one another in our ideas and value the talents we each have. When we are communicating on the same wave link-it's awesome the ideas and insights we come up with-guess that's why we are such good friends.

Then there's SERENDIPITY-those experiences that come seemingly randomly, but are they? When you accidentally meet someone or have an opportunity open up that is perfect for your situation. Please share in a comment about your last experience with either of these two principles.


  1. I'm not sure... perhaps it was synergy when our entire community (without a recognized individual spearheading it)brought pots and pans, hair brushes, make-up, clothing, shoes, mattresses, dishware, glasses, pretty vases, bath towels, and pantry staples... along with trees, shrubs, shovels, axes and a litany of other things to be kept in a storeroom downtown for our neighbors who had lost everything in the Wood Hollow Fire. The items will be kept in an empty store... those that have been left with nothing to wear, sit on, cook with, and eat ... can come and take what they need. Members of the community lined up by the dozens, wearing their work gloves to assist the 52 people that were left homeless by the fire that raged through our valley. They cut dead trees, plowed desolate land, cut roadways, put up fences, and held hands with weeping women and worried men. It was a beautiful thing to see.
    I also see it when my sons come and work with their father at the Hollow, they accomplish so much together...and as they work, they mull over the troubles that are facing them and try to find solutions for them...which they generlly do after tossing ideas back and forth for a while.

    Serendipity is a regular part of my life. Most of the stories take a looooong time to tell, however. Maybe I'll blog about a couple of them someday.

  2. Hey, Lin!
    I experienced synergy at an AP Summer Institute last week, where I spent a week among dedicated high school English teachers. It was so good to be among people who care about students and the importance of language. All kinds of synergy there!

  3. When I first took the step to have my mom spend some time in a local nursing home, I met two women whose jobs were in admitting and we just clicked. One of them is now one of Flo's caretakers at home. It's as if we have known eah other for a long time...not a couple of months.