Thursday, November 17, 2011

Opportunities GALORE

Interesting how doors can open and opportunities multiply
while trying to keep FOCUSED and understand PRIORITIES too.
Meditation and inspiration can point the way to accomplish
what's most NEEDFUL and will HELP others while being FUN also.

Had a meeting this week with my "boss" at ZION'S WAY where
I teach some classes this year. Kay's my kind of person-open
to new ideas and totally POSITIVE. I love that kind of environment
to work in and throw out ideas-so WATCH OUT for future events.

In December, there will be an Open House CELEBRATION of art
and poetry where the audience can come view paintings, then
write creatively in prose or poetry what the art says to them.
In January I'll bring my POETRY in ACTION group back to life.

We'll be working on an old program from last year that never
got produced "The Voice of a Woman" because of some DETOURS
along the way. Also another opportunity for POETRY READINGS
for 150th anniversary of my town not to mention New Year's Eve.

Forgot about that. Then I'll be teaching a Saturday workshop
on FIND YOUR AUTHENTIC VOICE at the end of Jan. for Zions.
My focus is on helping others find their creativity, and also
my friend CARYN is returning to town Dec 1st, SO we'll play!

(Photos from Reykjavik, Iceland trip-their new Performing Arts Center downtown which is an art piece itself.)


  1. you are a very busy lady...good for you.

  2. I love the photos..what an interesting building...I am so happy that you and Caryn will be back together..please tell her Hi for me....hugs...

  3. You've got lots lined up to keep you busy and productive and happy!