Tuesday, November 29, 2011

James and the Bean Stock

Written by my 9 year old grandson Nathan Hatch (photo on the right) ...his brother is named James (photo below on the left) and his mom is named Mom! Notice the original envelope below.

Once there was a boy named James and James had a mom. James mom told him to go in to town and sell the cow. On the way he meant a person. The person asked James if he could buy the cow. For some beans James said yes to the person. James gave him the cow for the beans. James went home and told his mom.

James mom thew the beans out the window. Then James and his mom ran outside. Then a bean stock came right out of the group. James asked his mom if he could climb it. His mom said yes. James climb it until he got to the top. At the top of the bean stock there was a big hous. James went in side the house . Inside the house there was a big table. James climb the table until he got to the top. At the top of the bean stock there was a big house. James went in side the house. Inside the house there was a big table. James climb the table until he got to the top of the table. He saw a big golden egg. He heard something say I sell something. It was a giant.

James grab the egg climb down the bean stock as fast as he could he the egg to his mom. You'er rich she said. AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER. THE END.

Monday, November 28, 2011

More photos of Iceland

Akureyn in the northern part of Iceland

Busy port city

Peaceful countryside farms

Glaciers melting adds to the many waterfalls
Waterfalls everywhere, reminded me of Norway's scenery

There are many small farms with sheep, horses, milk cows and horses

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Generating Power

On our way north to visit family for Thanksgiving,
we took the long way-not driving on the I-I5 freeway.

Driving through my old home town of Milford, Utah
there are now giant windmills generating power north of town.
An interesting sight and use of this otherwise barren desert area.

It took an extra hour of driving time, but was worth it
to recall past events and places I lived as a young girl in the 1940s.
We drove past my grandparents home, and the airport where my dad
had his airplane before his crash in 1945. Many memories are there.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Collage

Been too busy playing with grandkids and visiting with family to blog plus my laptop needed some repairs. The CD-DVD player wouldn't work, so I brought it to my son's Daniel for repairs. He took it apart and put it back together and it works-MAGIC. He also cooked Thanksgiving dinner with help from his wife Tina and the kids: James, Nathan, Heather and Emilee. They are raising some good potato peelers. Of course, the frig went out which added to the chaos and luckily it was cool on the porch so the excess food was stored in locked coolers to keep the neighborhood dogs out.

It was a short visit but we managed to squeeze in several games of Pictureka, and other unknown games, put puzzles together and even talked one on one with the twins, an amazing task with this lively bunch. Now we are back to our quiet retirement home enjoying avoiding the Black Friday shoppers which have taken over the landscape in every major town. After eating a turkey sandwich, a walk was enjoyed in our 62 degree weather. We are ready to hibernate for the winter.

All the Christmas shopping is done and most presents delivered early or will be mailed later. Now it's time for Christmas cards and decorating when we hit Dec 1st. It was a HAPPY THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY. Thanks to Dan and family, also Jeff and family who were able to join us Wed. evening. I love my FAMILY and miss those who couldn't join us.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Article #174 Gratitude and Greediness

Holidays like Christmas can bring out the greed as you contemplate what you’d want for presents this year. If instead your focus is on helping those less fortunate than yourself: i.e. the homeless, unemployed or sufferers from medical illnesses, perhaps we’d discover the principle of gratitude. (Photo of my four stepdaughters when they came to help celebrate their dad's 65th birthday.)

Raised in a consumer society, the advertisements in print or media bombard us with wants. “You need this, to be happy.” Do we really? Perhaps real happiness is found in helping others in less fortunate circumstances than our selves. Many times our own immediate families need our help. Assistance doesn’t always need to be given in money, but perhaps time, listening, and giving wise advice when asked. Connecting with family and the society we live in is so important.

It’s easier to be greedy, wanting more with no end in sight to what we could have that would bring “true happiness.” Then a grave situation comes like a cancer diagnosis. Suddenly the trip to Hawaii or the new car pale in comparison to just a few more days to enjoy a normal life. Hopefully, it doesn’t take a drastic wakeup call like that to shake up your world. Start today to take the time in prayer or written word to list your blessings. Give thanks for blessings taken for granted be it a spouse, parents or friends will fill your life with greater happiness than all the greediness bundled together and tied with a red bow. Try it.

True gratitude comes from not taking for granted a new day to go forth in with health or a job or responsibilities. The grateful heart is a happy one. The practice of writing down the things we are thankful for can help bring awareness of all that is good in our lives. Too many times we focus on the problems, trials and challenges while we are still surrounded by loved ones in our family and friends who are there for us.

Take time to connect with family daily. Giving an unexpected compliment to your spouse or children can change their day and yours also. It can take your attitude from “scarcity” to “abundance.” It’s free, costs nothing. Awareness and commitment on your part can make your world a little happier. Try giving two compliments to someone in your life today and see how it changes your attitude or write a thank you note to someone. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Icelanders in North Dakota

Looking for some photos of Iceland that I haven't posted before and I have 2000 to sort through. I realized I had not published any of the Hosfos exhibit of Icelanders who immigrated to North Dakota. In my narrow view I didn't realize that Icelanders had immigrated to other places than Utah and for other reasons than a religious conversion. They came to many parts of North America: North Dakota, Minnesota, Washington as well as to Canada. Here's a look at the excellent exhibit of the history of those who chose to leave Iceland. (Above photo Pam a descendent of North Dakota Icelandic emigrants returns in the summer to Hosfos Museum to help others with their Icelandic research.)

Map of areas of Iceland where the immigrants left from.
My ancestors came from the Westman Islands in the southwest.

Economic as well as climate considerations motivated the immigrants.

Historic photo of Iceland in winter

Summertime in Hosfos, Iceland

S.D. homesteads (above) looked much like primitive dwellings in Iceland

Farming was the only way to survive in No. Dakota.
(All photos and signs from Hosfos Museum in Iceland.)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Printing PHOTOS

City of Reykjavik, Iceland from Vidney Island

Well, the camera club I belong to locally has acquired a fancy expensive ink jet printer to make prints of our photos. It's about time I try printing out some of my Icelandic shots to make an arrangement on our bedroom wall. I copied several photo files onto my thumb drive or memory stick and took them to our club meeting the other day. One of the expert photographers in the group Larry (above) helped me in getting my files ready to print in Photoshop Elements in a 8X10 inch format. I could have made a bigger print, but opted not to right now. Although it's extremely inexpensive to print your own photos about $2 each for 8x10 inches, you can have them done at Coscos or through several places online for the same price. Since I have 2000 photos of Iceland, I only opted for a few prints just to get going.

I'm still working on an imovie to put together a story of my trip, but I keep getting sidetracked by my laptop's problems-currently it won't read CDs or DVDs which means I can't load my newest version of imovie on it, but hopefully my expert computer son Daniel can fix that at Thanksgiving time. In between cooking the turkey dinner, he will transfer an old slide-in CD-DVD burner from his old laptop into my older laptop. One thing calls for another, you know.

Hosfos, Iceland

Eric the Red and the Icelandic flag

Friday, November 18, 2011

Article #173 Debt and Freedom

You are not truly free, if you are in debt. Some loans may be necessary for home, car or education, but with the use of credit cards it’s easy nowadays to spend more than you earn or need. What relationship does debt have with honesty? In the days before credit cards, it was difficult to rack up debt IF you didn’t have the money to pay for your purchases. There was, however, a program called layaway which still continues today where you put a small down payment on your purchase then paid monthly until your item was bought. Then and only then, were you allowed to take home your purchase to enjoy. What patience and self discipline that took. (Photo above of my hard working responsible uncle Norman and his family.)

Now people with credit cards and little cash can come home with several cart loads of purchases paid for with PROMISES that they indeed will pay for what they brought in the FUTURE! If they have been unwise in their purchases or misfortune comes in the way of a lost job or uncovered medical expenses, then some people file for bankruptcy. I remember when honest individuals would do all they could to pay at least a little on their bills rather than declaring insolvency.

We live in a different time. I know a few who have declared and filed for bankruptcy at least once, then rebuilt their credit rating and are repeating the cycle. Maybe what I’m talking about is honesty with yourself and understanding how to live within your means, not letting greediness or entitlement take control of your life. Debt can limit your freedom, although it may just seem the opposite. Reading the daily news or watching the news broadcasts on TV, everyday there is a new scheme or scam being revealed. An individual who became rich because others trusted him or her to invest their funds wisely is caught. Maybe it’s time for a return to old fashioned values of honesty, thrift and hard work. But it will take more patience than the rising generation has.

Can we who have struggled through the trials of working for a lifetime at a job and/or at home raising a family sound a voice of warning or wisdom to our children and grandchildren. If we don’t, who will? Are there stories from your youth that you could share, that illustrate these principles? Share your experiences with your family soon.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Opportunities GALORE

Interesting how doors can open and opportunities multiply
while trying to keep FOCUSED and understand PRIORITIES too.
Meditation and inspiration can point the way to accomplish
what's most NEEDFUL and will HELP others while being FUN also.

Had a meeting this week with my "boss" at ZION'S WAY where
I teach some classes this year. Kay's my kind of person-open
to new ideas and totally POSITIVE. I love that kind of environment
to work in and throw out ideas-so WATCH OUT for future events.

In December, there will be an Open House CELEBRATION of art
and poetry where the audience can come view paintings, then
write creatively in prose or poetry what the art says to them.
In January I'll bring my POETRY in ACTION group back to life.

We'll be working on an old program from last year that never
got produced "The Voice of a Woman" because of some DETOURS
along the way. Also another opportunity for POETRY READINGS
for 150th anniversary of my town not to mention New Year's Eve.

Forgot about that. Then I'll be teaching a Saturday workshop
on FIND YOUR AUTHENTIC VOICE at the end of Jan. for Zions.
My focus is on helping others find their creativity, and also
my friend CARYN is returning to town Dec 1st, SO we'll play!

(Photos from Reykjavik, Iceland trip-their new Performing Arts Center downtown which is an art piece itself.)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Mouse in the House!

At nine o’clock last night we head to our comfy bed, tired.
A few minutes later we hear scratching noises
coming from our bathroom ceiling vent.
Wondering what that could possibly be,
hubby gets up to investigate and
determines it is "a mouse in the house."

Not an unusual occurrence for this time
of year as the evenings can get downright chilly.
How this creature found his way into our duct pipes
is beyond our imagination and how to get him out
is a problem that will take the resources of the
resident civil engineer now almost retired-my husband.

Well, hubby devises a box to attach to the ceiling vent
of our master bathroom because he can see
the mouse’s tail inside…clever plan but it requires
a tall ladder, a box and a flat lid to slide over the top
once the mouse is caught, plus an assistant-me.
So it’s out of bed and into a robe I go, to be helpful.

Several minutes later, the plan works as the mouse
falls into the box, but now what to do? Smash it?
Well my hubby doesn’t kill spiders or bees but only
releases them outside. So, as we are trying to look into
the box while hubby’s up on the ladder, the mouse jumps into
our master shower with its glass doors which we quickly shut.

Now we have a frantic little mouse running around inside
our walk-in shower until he discovers a large flower pot there.
Quickly the mouse jumps into the pot’s bottom vent and is trapped
as hubby seals that opening with duct tape-that is so useful!
Now it’s time to take the pot with the mouse inside outside
where it still resides waiting for the mouse to escape sometime.

In the meantime, today hubby is up checking out the attic
to see where the critter might have gotten in. Not a clue!

Monday, November 14, 2011


fog creeps quietly
playing a hide ‘n seek game
til sunshine arrives

a rusting hay rake
sits silently alone by
a forgotten barn

spring blossoms await
sun’s warm caress to open
nature’s miracle

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Poetry Reading

A real cowgirl poet Maureen

A newcomer to our group Judy

Listening intently to student poets

Lots of talent in this group of all ages

Once a month our poetry group has a public reading called Second Thursday at Barnes and Noble in the mall. I was in charge this month as our leader was sick. It was fun, there were about 26 people there including 15 or so teenagers who read a poem they had written. They got extra credit from their English teacher by attending.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Just finished teaching Julia Cameron's book Artist's Way in a class I entitled FIND YOUR VOICE. It was so fun and I had a delightful class of 9 students when they all came at the same time. For the last night of class we had a healthy potluck with delicious treats: avocado dip-chips, fresh fruit and yogurt, apple cake, nuts and pears, apple juice and frosted pretzels. We talked and ate and enjoyed ourselves. We are all off on our own creative adventures. In January 2012 I'll be offering another class called USE YOUR VOICE with Julia's second book in the series Walking in This World. If you live in this area, come join my class.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy News

This post today will be published on 11/11/11 at 11:11 am. Happy VETERANS DAY! Next year is the last year we can do this on Dec 12, 12 at 12:12. Then it's off to our teen years 2013, etc. Interesting world, time passes too rapidly. Need to enjoy each moment!

Fall is definitely here with winter breathing down our necks...

Note the new critter that found his way into our dry creek bed.
(Click to enlarge the photo and meet the slow one below.)

My only pet-Isn't he cute, any suggestions for a name?
I know, how about "Pebbles?" He weighs about 25 pounds!