Sunday, March 21, 2010

Zoo Poems


Ever been called a little monkey?
Take it as a compliment
if it happens, for monkeys
are really quite brilliant.

They eat lots of bananas,
chatter, and love to play.
Eager to learn tricks to show off,
they like to frolic all day.

Swinging from big trees,
they love climbing around.
It’s like being a small child,
but playing off the ground.

When it rains, there’s nowhere
to go, for monkeys live outdoors.
They like us to watch them
as they run about on all fours.


Gators live in swamps,
look like old dead logs
Don’t be surprised.
They just hide in bogs.

Don’t come very near
They might eat you dear.


  1. I love monkeys! When Ashton was little she would ask me to make "monkey bread", her words for banana bread. We still call it that to this day. The alligator poem was cute with its little warning!

  2. The monkeys are lively and fun, thanks to your words. And those gators--to be watched. I am enjoying this series, Lin.

  3. I completely enjoyed the poems...oh,i have two cute little monkeys right now at my care !!lol.

  4. My grandmother called me her little monkey..haven't thought of that in years...